3G vs 4G

For average consumers, ’3G’ and ’4G’ are two of the most mysterious terms in the mobile technologydictionary, but they’re used relentlessly to sell phones and tablets. If you’re shopping for a new phone, the answer isn’t clear-cut, and you shouldn’t always go for the higher number. Our primer will help explain which technology to pick.

3G vs. 4G: What Are They?

First things first, the “G” stands for a generation of mobile technology, installed in phones and on cellular networks. Each “G” generally requires you to get a new phone, and for networks to make expensive upgrades. The first two were analog cell phones (1G) and digital phones (2G). Then it got complicated.

Third-generation mobile networks, or 3G, came to the U.S. in 2003. With minimum consistent Internet speeds of 144Kbps, they were supposed to bring “mobile broadband.” There are now so many varieties of 3G, though, that a “3G” connection can get you Internet speeds anywhere from 400Kbps to more than ten times that.

New generations usually bring new base technologies, more network capacity for more data per user, and the potential for better voice quality, too.

4G phones are supposed to be even faster, but that’s not always the case. There are so many technologies called “4G,” and so many ways to implement them, that the term is almost meaningless. The International Telecommunications Union, a standards body, tried to issue requirements to call a network 4G but they were ignored by carriers, and eventually the ITU backed down. 4G technologies include HSPA+ 21/42, WiMAX, and LTE (although some consider LTE the only true 4G of that bunch, and some people say none of them are fast enough to qualify.)

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When your Small Business Marketing Strategy stops working

Have you hit a brick wall? What I mean is, do you feel that your marketing and sales efforts are only reaching a certain point of effectiveness?

Small business sales and marketing is a tough business.  It becomes even tougher when you feel as though you are out there advertising, yet not moving beyond the invisible “brick wall” I just mentioned.

Entrepreneurs that face such obstacles usually respond by trying harder, adding a few more dollars to the ad budget or cramming their existing ads with more detail and glitter.

If this marketing impasse has been an ongoing issue for your small business, I’d like to suggest you step back and examine your overall strategy.  It very well may be that your methods, medium of choice, or message may be in need of an overhaul, rather than a fine tuning.

Review Your Medium

If your marketing is stalling out only after bringing in a small number of prospects, it may be that your medium of choice is ill-equipped to meet your business demands.

An example of this would be sending out direct mailers to capture 10 new leads – only to see 5 new customers a month.

In this example, you may be tempted to move to a heavier stock of paper or target new zip codes. You’ve got to be honest with yourself.  Are you staying with a particular medium because it’s what you’ve always done – is it what you’re most comfortable with? It’s likely time to shift to another medium such as radio, TV or online marketing.

Start a New Conversation

There are times when you cannot move beyond a certain point with your marketing due to the fact that you’ve been communicating with the wrong group.

I once knew of a small business that insisted on communicating with the affluent prospects of their audience rather than middle-class folks – of whom accounted for 80% of their revenue. Their marketing was destined to max-out very quickly by virtue of going after such a tiny segment.

In the marketing world, there’s a huge difference between those you should be communicating with as compared to those you want to reach. Ideally, they should be one in the same, but not always. That is why you need to do a little research on who is likely to respond to your marketing efforts.  As a result, your messages are likely to travel much further.

Look at the Big Picture

As a small business, it is important to take a clear, sober look at what your business markets.  Are you promoting a product or service that is relevant, needed or desired?

As an example, during the height of all of the economic turmoil in our country, there was a sharp decline in the purchase of luxury goods. At that time, running a textbook-marketing-campaign wouldn’t have been enough to overcome the bigger picture.

If your marketing is always running out of gas, examine factors outside of your business.  Are their economic, technological, social, or legal changes encroaching on your efforts? If so, there may be a need to seek operational solutions rather that those found in communications.


New Facebook Privacy Features

If you’re a Facebook user, you may have noticed some new icons that have begun appearing in the Facebook navigation bar. To the right of the “Home” link at the upper right corner of the navigation bar, there is a new Privacy Shortcuts icon (see below).

This new icon is intended to give Facebook users easy access to the privacy controls they are most concerned about, and to provide more detailed, plain language explanations of what those controls mean to the everyday Facebook user. Clicking on the down arrow next to each of the questions above provides quick access to your privacy controls so you can see your settings and change them if necessary.

For example, under “Who can see my stuff?” you’ll see who can see future posts (your post privacy setting), get access to the Activity Log so that you can view all of your posts and tags, and get to the “View As” link, which will show you what others can see on your Timeline.


One of the ways Facebook users can inadvertently share information they may not want to share is through the many Apps that have access to the user’s Facebook account. In the past, when an app wanted access to your Facebook account, there was only one button, to either accept or reject the connection between the app and Facebook. Facebook has now made changes to app permissions, so now when you go to your app settings, you will see a list of permissions the app has been granted, and you may allow some permissions and reject others.

Activity Log

The Activity Log has been streamlined, with some changes in the navigation, making it easier to find what you’re looking for and review your Facebook activity. You can easily review your own posts, posts you are tagged in, posts by others, and posts you have hidden in order to make changes, remove tags, or mark items as spam. You can even remove tags on multiple photos at once and send messages to those who posted the photo, asking them to delete it, if necessary. As you use these new features, Facebook will provide small pop-ups designed to make sure that you understand what you are doing; for example, Facebook will remind you that when you hide something from your Timeline, it may still be visible in other places, such as your news feed or in Facebook search.

Facebook Search

Speaking of Facebook search, one recent Facebook change makes things a bit less private – Facebook has removed the ability to hide your name from Facebook’s search. If someone searches on your name in the Facebook search bar, your profile will appear in the results.

Whether you use Facebook for strictly personal reasons or as a business development tool, it is important to review your privacy and security settings and to use caution when providing access to your account, photos, posts, etc., whether to other individuals, through sharing on Facebook, or through Facebook apps. These features change frequently, and staying abreast of changes isn’t always easy.

To learn more about how to use Facebook wisely for personal and professional reasons, refer to the cookbook offered by Internet Lawyers in New York

Social Media

Various Types of Social Followers for your Business

One of the basic things about a very successful business is having a deep understanding about your customer base. Customers are primarily described by marketeers as heavy or light surfers, fickle or loyal, new or old and various other monikers in order to help categorise their value and worth to the company.

The advent of social media platforms such as Twitter & Facebook has added a new complexity to understanding customers and as such it’s pivotal to have a proper grasp on knowing who and which customers matter the most when it comes to social media.

The following infographic describes five different types of social media followers and the degree of importance which they might have for a successful business

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SEO Terminologies

In internet marketing there are only two things that people rely on for the success of their businesses

  1. Search Engines
  2. Social Media

Social media does get huge amount of traffic to websites but it is not as huge as the traffic sent by search engines and also not as targetted as the traffic sent by search engines. Many idle people just wandering here and there on a social website may find a link to website and just givee it a visit and end up in profit but a person who really needs a specific information searches for it and lands on your website, will definitely spend more time and may be beneficial for you. So therefore I wanted to share some basic SEO terminologies with my readers.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

The one and the only best traffic generating source SEO needs to be explained before anything else.

Search Engine Optimization comprises of all the acts, tricks and techniques that one uses to improve a website’s rank in search engines. If a website ranks well as compared to others it will get more visits.

Website Traffic

Website traffic simply means visits or visitors. Increasing or decreasing the website traffic means increasing or decreasing the number of visits. More is the traffic, better is the profit generated by the website.


When you enter the word “car” in a search engine it returns thousands of results. Search engine brings all the websites that have the word “car” in it. So in all those pages word “car” is used in more frequency than most of other words or we can say that word “car” was the topic of that page so naturally it was used more than any other word. In this example word car is the keyword of the websites that appear in the results.


Backlinks are the links of a website on other websites. If you put a link to my website on your own website then that link acts as a backlink for my website.

One-Way Backlink

In the above example the link we discussed is a one way baklink because it only coming from your website to my website.

Reciprocal Backlink

If in above scenario I also add a link of your website on my own website then there is a link pointing to my site from your site and vice versa. This kind of linking is called a two way or a Reciprocal Link.

For more information regarding SEO terminologies stick to

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Sizzling Nokia 808

Nokia’s announcement of its new ground breaking smart phone Nokia 808 few days back has really grabbed attentions. After Nokia N8 this new smart phone promises great mobile photography. Nokia 808 is a smart phone based on Symbian OS with a twist of an amzing 41 mega pixel camera. Yes you read it right, it has a 41 mega pixel camera.A combination of Carl Zeiss lens and Pure imaging technology is claimed to enable you to take clearer amd more sharp photos and share it instantly on internet.

Nokia 808 41 Mega Pixel Camera

Nokia 808 has a 4x lossless zoom in Video mode and offers great experience of HD video recording.It records 30 frames per seconds in HD videos with 4x zoom. It has got rich recording and a techy micro phone that can record clear and disturbance free audio at a level of 140 decibells with video recording. This camera isn’t only good at image quality but has got very good reaction time. It does not take mush time to get ready for photo shooting or video recording.The camera takes less 1 sec to get geared up.The camera zooms in and out fastly upto 3 to 4 times without loosing details or pixelating. Most mobile cameras even being quite techy are put to challenge when they are tested in darker environments but Nokia 808 has a camera with Carl Zeiss lens and 41 mega pixel that come with a Xenon flash for still photography and LED light for video capturing.

Fun doesn’t stop here with all these features, it is only starting. Nokia 808 allows you to share high quality pics and videos taken from its 41 mega pixel camera over the internet with your friends, followers and family. You can easily share your pictures taken from this 41 mega pixel camera to facebook, filckr and other social network sites. It allows you to connect your smart phone to a HD television through a HDMI cable for bigger screen view or you use wireless connection too for this purpose.Nokia 808 41 mega pixels has a great feature of nokia maps that is there with maps of over a hundred countries and hence can be a great tool to guide you on your way to your destination. If you are a tourist you can view the pictures of a place and see reviews of people about it before visiting that place.This smart phone comes with Dolby surround sound headphones to enhance your music experience.

From looks to sound and from media to sharing, Nokia 808 has all that most require.

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Social Media Twitter

How to convert your twitter followers into money

Most of the bloggers usually start their blogs to earn money. But, think of it as there are much more people then Bloggers who specialize in something. One such thing is Social networking. As the web have evolved, there are a lot of chances to earn money than just Blogging or web designing. One of then is that if you are a Twitter user with huge list of followers then see how to convert your twitter followers into money.

Social media services are not the wastage of time anymore with these services. Next big thing for earning money online is Social media.

Way to convert your twitter followers into money

Twitter has evolved much faster than any other Social media service. And that’s all because the users are increasing day by day. Sometimes choosing upi a way to earn money is harder than focusing in what you master. You can do this very easily by using a service called Sponsored Tweets. The Sponsored tweets service is very useful for Twitter users as you can simply earn $1-100 per tweet when you are using up your time online. Think of it as huge money as you can earn money as well those tweets would not be a waste.

The tweets that you use up by the Sponsored tweets will be containing the #sponsored hashtag for others to differentiate which one are yours and which are paid. Unlike any other Ad services which pay you per click; The sponsored tweets allow payment through Paypal only to tweet (No clicks needed). You can have the payout amount of about $50(minimum) through the sponsored tweets. Even when you sign up for the Service, you will be shown the rate for per tweet (According to your followers of course). So, have fun and sign up today.

Thanks for reading and keep coming :)

Make Money

Affiliate Marketing: The best way to make money

It’s time to make some cool cash from affiliate marketing.

We all know that the easiest way to make money online is through promoting other people’s product. You can promote software, valuable reports & e-books and membership sites.

To sweeten the deal, the new form of making extra income easily is by recommending coupon discounts to your audience in order to motivate them.

But how do you get started with coupon discount offers?

Groupon for instance is a great portal where you can find viable hot discounts for several household products.

Fortunately, you don’t have to go extra mile to research coupon deals, your primary subscription services are involved in this marketing system.

I’ve used this strategy in my coupon blog where parallels coupon codes and raxco coupon discounts are reviewed.

Research Your Market

The first step to promote hot deals as an affiliate is to research your market. A market consists of a group of people sharing the same or similar needs and wants. These people have the same purchasing peak and they need helpful solutions to become better.

To research your market, start with discussion boards and read what others have posted. The words people use when making sentences and giving speech indicates what they’ve within and the problem they face.

Market research is paramount to your success as a coupon affiliate publisher. It’s going to form the foundation of your product creation and determines how successful you become.

Find The Right Coupon Offer

What’s the most important issue in your prospect’s life? Have you been able to determine what they actually want?

If you conducted market study effectively, I’m sure you would be well acquainted right now on the right product to sell. Is your audience looking for coupon codes to make purchases or to qualify for a rebate program?

When you deliver the wrong product, they won’t take any action and that’s the beginning of failure.

Don’t be like those who blindly recommend any product and wonder why they’re not making sales. No one is going to invest money on a product he doesn’t need. It’s the sick that needs the physician – think right and act like that.

Drive Traffic To Your Coupon Offer

The final stage to make money with coupon affiliate program is to send the right traffic to your landing page. Your landing page can be anything from squeeze page, product review or press release. The aim is to engage the reader, interest them in the product and show them the real benefit of taking action now.

The best advice I give to people who wants to make money with affiliate offer is to first capture email address. Thereafter, you can start building relationship with your prospects, get them to know and trust you before selling to them.

It’s definitely not for desperate marketers, but relationship marketing is the best marketing strategy ever.

Marketing Takeaway

Does it matter what niche you’re into right now? These tips above can work for anyone regardless of what you share. In as much as there is an affiliate product to sell and a need for the product you’re promoting, you’ll surely make extra money from it.

Go for it this moment. Get to understand how coupon affiliate programs work and give it a shot. See you ahead!



How Does HTC Stack Up?

The High Tech Computer Corporation, now known as HTC, is a competitor in the mobile phone industry and really entered the market competitively for phones using the HTC name in 2006. Even though they’ve only been active for the past 5 years they currently have phones available with multiple cell phone carriers including Sprint, Verizon, AT&T, and T-Mobile to offer services to multiple markets.

A large reason that HTC is so successful in the cell phone market is that they harness the technologies that consumers want, beginning with a touchscreen for navigation through the phone and used it as its primary focus. They have also evolved to answer to what the market wants, including introducing larger screens, thin phones, and of course, a mobile operating system such as Android or Windows Phone 7. These possess the ability to download applications and harness connectivity to bring web browsing and social networking as a focus for the smartphone market.

They bring personality and customization to their devices with a graphical user interface they’ve coined “HTC sense,” which gives users both a user experience and TouchFLO 3D design. It adds certain features to the phone including its own music and video application and manages social networks through its combination of applications. It also includes its own selection of widgets such as HTC likes, footprints, friend stream and easily accessible settings to adjust 3G, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or data connectivity. The Sense interface was introduced as 1.0 and the latest versions of it include 3.0 or 3.5, depending on whether the device is a phone or tablet.

The primary drawback that HTC has when compared to other mobile phones is lack of variety. Most of their phones look the same and, unless you purchase a snazzy case or skin, you may not be able to select which phone is yours in a crowd of people. Whether selecting an HTC Android phone or one running an alternate operating system with the HTC interface, you’ll be able to do everything you expect on a phone and then some.


How to perform SEO for a New Website

Having your own website is essential for many companies and people. Individuals can discover about your products and services, go through what you have to say or buy the items you are providing. Starting your internet site is only the initial phase. You have a lot much work to be done after your website debuts on the web in order to make it searchable.

Most of the time, the internet marketers and SEO Specialists are frustrated because no one seems to be going to their site or there is very little or no web traffic on their website. And the visitors those who arrive are either friends, relatives or locally promoted ones who were told about that website. Using Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques like proper link building  will help learn how to perform SEO for a New Website.

How to perform SEO for a New Website

If you have a fairly new website, you can increase website visitors to your website through link building. You want other web pages and blogs to backlink to your internet website ( called as inbound links). There are various thing you will choose, like the web pages that weblink to you should be web pages with the same or similar topic as your websites. For example, if your website provides toys for children, you want to get links from websites that deal with children or child products. You don’t want hyperlinks from web pages that sell agricultural products or digital goods. The web pages that backlink to your internet website must always be relevant to your website. This is a very important factor.

Link Building Tactics for a New Website

New web pages should start link building at a slowly pace, but should be consistent. It is unpleasant to get more than 5,000 visitors just after the start of a new website. When finding appropriate links, you can start with family, fellow workers and friends. You can ask for a backlink from anyone among them who have similar websites. If their web pages are appropriate to yours, request them that they link to your website via their content. You can also use social networks like Facebook, Twitter and MySpace to get some initial links to your website.

A different method of the same sort to build a backlink to your website is through blogs. When you add a comment on the blog, place a link that goes back to your site’s website. If you wish, you can write some guest posts on relevant blogs article content for sites that take sites and other types of content. You may be able to place a link to your own website in the article or have a link in your bio.

Once you have a well established and fully indexed website, you can get a little more aggressive about link building. Take your time and figure out where you can get links from. Check where your competitors get links from. SEO cannot be done overnight. It is a continuous and consistent process. Patience is the key, over enthusiasm and haste can land you in the Google Sandbox.

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Business Development

Why does your Business needs a website?

The Internet has become a great source of information for entrepreneurs and students as they discover the benefits of getting things online: the ease of accessing information and the most cost effective advertising. The Internet is revolutionizing entire markets, so that all companies, large and small, the same opportunities to market their products, services and information on the Internet in an effective and attractive. There various reasons for a small business to have a website. Use designers and understand internet law to help you build your online presence. Following is just an outline

Why does your Business needs a website?

Online Presence

Online Presence is an important aspect of Online Marketing or Web marketing. If you looking to market a specific service or a product or online, then you in order for you to get high quality and relevant traffic for your website, you need to make your website very searchable and available on the top 3 results of search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo.


In the current world, E-commerce is very essential to create attractive websites that have pretty features to influence customers to buy for online shopping. An E-commerce website is very crucial for online stores and businesses. Your website acts as virtual shop for visitors where all your products are showcased to be sold. Not just that, use of pictures, videos and audios to review a product helps in better marketing of that product as visitor is able to visualize and know complete detail about a product before buying it. The visitor can then buy a product and get it shipped at his address.

Sell Services / Make Reservations or Appointments

You are a service provider that sells services. You can easily sell subscriptions online to your services which people can buy. Another usage can be for making reservations and appointments. A lawyer can easily have his e-commerce website where users can pay online and take an appointment.

Build a Community

You can use your website to promote your brand and engage with your customers to build an enthralling online community where people can talk about your brand, products and services.

Offer Support

If there is just one thing you can do to dramatically improve your customer base and to boost the bottom line, it definitely has to be customer service. Being there to help when people need your help is probably one of the single most effective ways to develop a following, to earn the trust of new customers, and to prove time and time again that you have what they need.

Create a Brand

Reach your Market

Internet is the ideal place and cost effective solution for narrowing your target market is so essential to your success.  The question often is……how do I find them? Well, Social Media!

Solicit Feedback

By creating a system to solicit and follow up to customer feedback you can let your customers know that you care about them, and they will not only tell you what they think, but help you improve your product so that they buy it more.

Run Promotions

Online promotions are turnkey, easy to launch and cost effective. And we, at Orane, provide solutions to generate measurable returns on your online marketing investment. You only need a website and a couple of contest, coupons, giveaways to start your online promotion and reach wide audience.

Kill Competition

Having a targeted, good looking and well optimized website is a killer when it comes to Internet Marketing. A well designed website with proper Optimization can break through the competition wall.


How to use your cell phone as webcam | Convert Mobile Phone into a Webcam

When I was 14 years old, I have had always wondered why you can’t use a cell phone as web camera. Back then I didn’t had an internet connection to Google this. I have a small software here and I’ll show you how to use your cell phone as webcam or convert your mobile phone into a practical webcam.

The number one reason I would want to use my phone as a webcam is because I own a Sony Ericsson Satio. This phone is a beast with 12 Megapixel camera and xenon flash. Much better than my 1.2 megapixel dim led webcam right?

There is one cool software called SmartCam. This application can turn any of your mobile phone running on Symbian S60, Samsung Bada, Android OS into a webcam.

Now, if you have a any smartphone with a camera and Bluetooth or wifi for wireless communication, you can use the same as your webcam using SmartCam and the best thing is works even for applications like Skype, Yahoo Messenger, MSN Messenger etc.

This is a freeware application that can help you connect with your phone via bluetooth and work in real time to capture pictures, as needed. Since this tool requires no cable connection, you can charge your phone anywhere within a short time and take photos with the mobile wireless webcam.

For those who down have a webcam and those who are just curious to try this out, head over to the SmartCam Website to download the application along with documentation to set it up.




Twitter Marketing to grow your Business

Twitter marketing is a cost free method to reach a large targeted prospects for your product or in your market.  Using Twitter Marketing to grow your Business with specific strategies can help you take advantage of this powerful type of online promotion.

When you are marketing on Twitter, you are not alone in marketing, but you are individual of a marketing community on Twitter. You are a member of the this giant social network and your each tweet add a tremendous value to the social outlet, no matter how small they might be.This is the reason you should be certain that you are straight & ingenuous with others who are in the Twitter community.

Twitter Marketing to grow your Business

There is so much of social activity on Twitter, which is the reason you must find a way in order to stand out in the crowd when you are promoting products to a specific market. But unless you are precise, direct and to the point, this wont be an easy thing to do.

Anything that you choose to tweet can add value to your reputation or degrade your reputation, so whatever you write, write it wisely. So if you are simply jumping in and start tweeting about the each and ever product on your website, the Twitter network may reject it. Therefore, use the concept of the golden rule and write only things that you may find interesting yourself.

Post tweets that capture people’s interest and which people may re tweet. You want to build a market before you start promoting. In other terms you want to get followers before you start promoting your products. No matter what topic you choose, try to make your tweets distinctive enough so that they are not lost among all Twitter world. People who have chosen to follow you have done it with a reason. They want to hear about a particular topic, not to receive tweets on any oddball subject. So keep this in mind and post only relevant tweets. You can occasionally send out one random tweet.
To sum it up, Twitter has a great potential to create a huge market and can offer you a great way to build your online business profits and expand your list at the same time. So jump in and take advantage of a great opportunity

Business Development

Online Resources To Advertise Your Small Business For Free

Advertising a business online involves money depending on your business size, competition and advertising needs.  When it comes to new brands or startups who are on a small budget, they need to keep their advertising spend to a minimum.

In 2011, from small business to large enterprises, everyone seem to own a website. It is very important to have an online presence and build a reputation online because the businesses aren’t just recognized by word of mouth today. Online presence is not just about having a website for the sake of your business card. Consider, what is the need of building a website when you have no one to look at it. If you need a website that gets you customer, you can get a small business website for as low as $299 which is developed by us at Insight Studios)

By online presence I mean having social media presence like twitter page, facebook page, linkedin page, google places listings, bing business listings, advertising inventory, banners, videos and any type of online resources to advertise your small business for free. By utilizing these social media resources one can build a decent platform over the internet so that your potential customers can recognize your brand.

Now if you are some free online resources to advertise your small business then below are a few business directories which allow you to create your own business listing for your business and be found in online search results for free.

Online Resources To Advertise Your Small Business For Free

  1. FreeIndex – Free USA Yellow Pages & Directory
  2. BizHWY – Free Business Listings Directory
  3. Volta Business Directory – United States Business Directory
  4. Yalwa – Free Business Directory Listings
  5. Business Line Directory – Free Business Advertising



Optimize Pagination links on your Website

If you are aware of rel=canonical suggested by Google, that acts as a strong informer for duplicate content, big G has now introduced 2 more rel attributes. You can now optimize your pagination with rel=“next” and rel=“prev” to define your pagination links and relationship between multiple URLs of your website.

A paginated series may take many shapes on the web like it can be multiple pages of an article, multiple pages on an e commerce or shopping site, or a forum thread divided in a sequence, a series of blog posts like tutorials or a list of items etc. Now you can easily let the search engines know the relationship between next page and previous page corresponding to the current page by using a simple markup.

If you choose to add rel=”next” and rel=”prev” markup inside your anchor link within a series, you’re giving Google a strong hint that you’d like the visitors to go the the most relevant pages to that article.

However there is a limitation with this markup if you offer a full page apart from paginated links to read the entire article without navigating through pages back and forth then consider reading on View-all in search results for more information. As quoted by Google

Because view-all pages are most commonly preferred by searchers, we do our best to surface this version when appropriate in results rather than a component page (component pages are more likely to surface with rel=”next” and rel=”prev”).

Optimize Pagination links on your Website

The article is self explanatory and you simple need to add rel=”next” for a link to the next page and rel=”prev” for a link to previous page. But if you would like to see a brief tutorial on implementing this new markup on your website then head over to Official Google Webmasters post on pagination links.

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