WordPress: Creating Custom 404 Pages

Lol… I’m sure you must be thinking why am I after 404 these days. 404 pages is one of the essential things in SEO. Hence I’ll be clearing off essential things first.  Last week I posted something about handling 404 error pages. And now to make it simple we will see how to do it with a wordpress theme. Now that makes the sense. Doesn’t it?

I’ll be writing a complete tutorial on creating WordPress themes later after my exams which might be probably in the 3rd or 4th week of May. So coming back to the topic today we will be creating a custom 404 page for your WordPress theme.

What you basically got to do is

Open your WordPress theme folder that inside wp-content/themes/.

Now look for a file named 404.php.

If it exists open it up and do what ever you like with it. Thats the one we needed after all.

If not then make a copy of single.php and rename it as 404.php. Remove all the WordPress template tags and write your own HTML, for monetizing you can put up you ad code too. I recommend you to put up links to best content opf your website to get back the visitors. When your done just upload it to the theme folder.

That’s all !! Easy isn’t it

Comments Please ….

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