Sizzling Nokia 808

Nokia’s announcement of its new ground breaking smart phone Nokia 808 few days back has really grabbed attentions. After Nokia N8 this new smart phone promises great mobile photography. Nokia 808 is a smart phone based on Symbian OS with a twist of an amzing 41 mega pixel camera. Yes you read it right, it has a 41 mega pixel camera.A combination of Carl Zeiss lens and Pure imaging technology is claimed to enable you to take clearer amd more sharp photos and share it instantly on internet.

Nokia 808 41 Mega Pixel Camera

Nokia 808 has a 4x lossless zoom in Video mode and offers great experience of HD video recording.It records 30 frames per seconds in HD videos with 4x zoom. It has got rich recording and a techy micro phone that can record clear and disturbance free audio at a level of 140 decibells with video recording. This camera isn’t only good at image quality but has got very good reaction time. It does not take mush time to get ready for photo shooting or video recording.The camera takes less 1 sec to get geared up.The camera zooms in and out fastly upto 3 to 4 times without loosing details or pixelating. Most mobile cameras even being quite techy are put to challenge when they are tested in darker environments but Nokia 808 has a camera with Carl Zeiss lens and 41 mega pixel that come with a Xenon flash for still photography and LED light for video capturing.

Fun doesn’t stop here with all these features, it is only starting. Nokia 808 allows you to share high quality pics and videos taken from its 41 mega pixel camera over the internet with your friends, followers and family. You can easily share your pictures taken from this 41 mega pixel camera to facebook, filckr and other social network sites. It allows you to connect your smart phone to a HD television through a HDMI cable for bigger screen view or you use wireless connection too for this purpose.Nokia 808 41 mega pixels has a great feature of nokia maps that is there with maps of over a hundred countries and hence can be a great tool to guide you on your way to your destination. If you are a tourist you can view the pictures of a place and see reviews of people about it before visiting that place.This smart phone comes with Dolby surround sound headphones to enhance your music experience.

From looks to sound and from media to sharing, Nokia 808 has all that most require.

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