SEO Terminologies

In internet marketing there are only two things that people rely on for the success of their businesses

  1. Search Engines
  2. Social Media

Social media does get huge amount of traffic to websites but it is not as huge as the traffic sent by search engines and also not as targetted as the traffic sent by search engines. Many idle people just wandering here and there on a social website may find a link to website and just givee it a visit and end up in profit but a person who really needs a specific information searches for it and lands on your website, will definitely spend more time and may be beneficial for you. So therefore I wanted to share some basic SEO terminologies with my readers.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

The one and the only best traffic generating source SEO needs to be explained before anything else.

Search Engine Optimization comprises of all the acts, tricks and techniques that one uses to improve a website’s rank in search engines. If a website ranks well as compared to others it will get more visits.

Website Traffic

Website traffic simply means visits or visitors. Increasing or decreasing the website traffic means increasing or decreasing the number of visits. More is the traffic, better is the profit generated by the website.


When you enter the word “car” in a search engine it returns thousands of results. Search engine brings all the websites that have the word “car” in it. So in all those pages word “car” is used in more frequency than most of other words or we can say that word “car” was the topic of that page so naturally it was used more than any other word. In this example word car is the keyword of the websites that appear in the results.


Backlinks are the links of a website on other websites. If you put a link to my website on your own website then that link acts as a backlink for my website.

One-Way Backlink

In the above example the link we discussed is a one way baklink because it only coming from your website to my website.

Reciprocal Backlink

If in above scenario I also add a link of your website on my own website then there is a link pointing to my site from your site and vice versa. This kind of linking is called a two way or a Reciprocal Link.

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