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Got Nothing to do? Why not Earn some Money with your Daily Activities ?

This is my first post on making money online. So we wont do any complex discussions rather than I will show you 2 easy and good ways to make some money that you might be already doing. So without wasting your time, I’ll go ahead and show you how you can earn some money with your daily activities…

MyLot – Get paid to Express

If you want to earn as well as entertain then Mylot is one of the best ways to make some quick money. These are like discussion forums but at MyLot you get paid for doing every action like posting a topic, writing a reply, uploading images etc etc.. All you need to do is sign up, activate your account and start posting. They pay you monthly by PAYPAL if you accumulate more than 10$. Start earning now…

Homepages Friends

Searching the web is a part of everyone internet surfers daily routing. Well if you get paid for that ? That would be the best cheese on your bread wouldn’t it be? And that’s what homepages friends does. You get paid to search. And the search engine is no other than the popular one Yahoo! So basically if you migrate and search yahoo using this you can earn even up to 100$ a month easily. At an approx you get about 0.014 $ per search. So that means based on the number of searches you do you can earn much.. My estimated earnings in month are

0.014$ x 30 searches a day x 30 days = 12.6$

They pay you monthly via paypal once you get the 20 GBP (I dont know to make pound symbol on my US keyboard).. Now go ahead and pay you bills using myhpf…

So as promised I showed you 2 good ways to earn money that probably are you daily activities…

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MS DOS Tutorials – How to Create, Append and View Files and Move Files and Directory

This tutorial is a third part of our sequel of tutorials MS DOS Tutorials – Learn MS DOS with an ease

So here we are, and today we are going to work with files in MS DOS. We are going to see how we can create files, view them and also how to move files and directories (just like your windows cut and paste commands )

How to Create, Append and View Files

How to create a file and write some data to it ?

echo your desired text > file_name

echo hello and welcome > file.txt

The above statement will write the part in bold to the file file_name

How to add text in a file later ?

In case of adding text to the same file at the end or in other words appending the same file, use the greater than symbol twice times like below

echo should be here >> file_name

echo its a pleasure that you read this blog >> file.txt

How to view a text file ?

Viewing a file’s content is very simple in MS DOS. All you need to do is write type followed by file_name

type file_name

To view the data inside a text file name file.txt below is an example

type file.txt

Some of the above tricks can be also used in Unix

How to Move Files and Directories

How to move a file?

move filename path

Now suppose you have a file named sam and got a sub directory inside the same folder as man, now for moving the file sam inside the folder man the command used should be as follows

move sam \man

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MS DOS Tutorials – How to Create, Delete, Change, Rename Directory and Files

MS DOS Tutorials – Learn MS DOS with an ease
This tutorial will show you how to create or change or delete or rename a directory (called a folder in windows) and how to create sub-directories within a directory, and how to check the list of directories present in your working directory

How to print something on the screen in MS DOS ?

echo – mainly use for displaying or printing messages alternative use is to on/ off the prompt message
echo [message] -> will print the message

echo [on | off] -> will set the prompt on or off
you can check your echo settings by simply writing in the echo command in your prompt

How to create a directory in MS DOS ?
md techytuts
the above command will create a directory with the name techytuts

How to change the present working directory in MS DOS ?

MS DOS is a single taking operating system. You can work with only 1 file/folder at a time and to work with a particular file/folder you first need to open it as you do in Windows. This navigation is achieved through the CD command. However changing through drives don’t require any commands. By default you will be in C:\ drive in your my documents directory. To simply change to D Drive write in d: and press enter. Similarly write e:, f: for changing to e drive and f drives respectively..
cd [directory name]
(cd followed by 2 periods takes you one level up i.e to the parent directory)
(cd followed by backslash periods takes you to the top directory i.e directly under the drive)

How to delete an directory in MS DOS ?

To delete a directory
rd [directory name]

rd sample
The above command will delete the directory named sample from the present working directory if it exists

How to know the number of files and directories in the present drive ?
dir -> shows the number of directories in your present working directory

dir /d -> to display the output in column wise order

dir /w -> to display the output in page wise order asking for your requisition to continue
How to rename a directory or file?
ren [old name] [new name]-> used for renaming a file or directory

rename [old name] [new name] -> used for renaming a file or directory
for example if you got a file named one.txt, then to rename this file to two.txt write the below command
ren one.txt two.txt
How to create files and sub-directory in a directory ?

As we know, the command used for creating the directory is md. The same command applies for creating a sub – directory however in this case you need to change through the working directories to create sub directories.

cd [directory name] -> this command will enter into the directory which is present in you drive

The next tutorial will be on how to create a file how to move a file and how to add text in a file and finally how to view this text file in ms dos till then have a nice day. And please do write a comment. Your comments helps us improve.

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MS DOS Tutorials – Learn MS DOS with an ease

MS DOS (Microsoft Disk Operating System) – DOS Prompt, Command Prompt or just simply Prompt is the basis to start learning about computers. DOS is a CUI (character user interface) where you need to work with commands using your keyboard unlike your Windows which us GUI (graphical user interface) where you have the mouse support. So basically working with DOS is just like working with commands. DOS seems to be so outdated bus there are still many things that DOS features or DOS can do which you can do from inside the windows. For instance your all time favorite CON Folder tutorial is done using MS DOS. If you have missed out that CON folder tutorial you can check it here. They are many commands you can start with but since everyone like the customization part a lot so we thought of starting with customization you command prompt Window and them we may see what all we can do later on

The commands you need to memorize are like

command [ -options ]

command filename [ -options ]

command filename1 filename2 [ -options ]

The options part is optional where as the other 2 parts are required once. We will check the differences later.

Now lets start using it but before doing it lets us know how to open your Dos prompt, well below is one of the easiest way you can go to the Dos prompt whereas they are several ways you can go through with if you like

Go to START -> Click RUN ->

Type command or cmd and press Enter

The below over information in green can be avoided
We write command for opening dos in older versions of operating systems and cmd for new versions but its better you make an habit to use cmd because it works in every version, cmd works for latest versions of Windows those were released after 2001 i.e., windows 2003 or XP etc.

How to use title command ?

This command changes the title for the current prompt Window. To change the title as techytuts
simply write in and press enter (yes every command follows and enter key, so we dont need to remind you)


Note: In Mircosoft DOS the command case is sensitive

How to change the font color and background color ?

In the previous tutorial how to change color in Dos prompt we studied how to change the font color if you missed that tutorial click on this link Changing Font color in Dos
Here in this tutorial we are going to show you how to change the background color too

color [background] [foreground or font color]

For example if you want to change the background as bright yellow and font as black which is my favorite write in

color e0

( E is the code for yellow and 0 is the code for black) Some of my favorite color combinations are

04, B9, f0, f4, f2, 0d

Enjoy this session and stick with us there is a lot more to come from techytuts. Dont forget to subscribe to our RSS Feeds by Email to know when we publish

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MS DOS Tutorials – How to change colors in DOS prompt

This tutorial is a constituent of our sequel of tutorials MS DOS Tutorials – Learn MS DOS with an ease

This might be a beginner tutorial though but it is a part of fancy, DOS prompt or Command Prompt is an area where limitations are not given a place to learn a lot from Well lets come to the bottom line

These are the commands to write in for changing your color in Dos Prompt

color option changes the color of which the option is selected



1 – BLUE


3 – AQUA

4 – RED


Just type in your dos prompt like below to change in for green color

color green

for more colors simply write in

help color

It will display you more color options

Good Luck:lol: Well Everyone needs it !!!!

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WordPress Plugin – Thumbs Me Up!

Hey there everyone, We are excited to release your first WordPress plugin – Thumbs Me Up! Please check out below


This plugin adds a small thumbs me up appeal (in a block-quote) with a StumbleUpon Thumbs up button to all your visitors that come to your site from StumbleUpon. Visitors from other websites are not shown this button. You can see it working here, Make sure you visit the website from a stumbleupon page.

Current Version : Alpha RC 1

Checked on Version : 2.6

Click here to Download

Demo / Screenshot

If you have come to our website from you might have already seen it working. Other ways I have provided you a screenshot of how it works, below….

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The Internet – Misconceptions Explained

The Internet – Yes everyone of us are familiar with the internet, but when I speak with people, most of the people have a big misconception about internet and how it works. People take the creation of internet for granted but one thing that tickles thier brains is when they are asked how actually internet works ? Where are the files saved ? Where do you get the files from ?

Stop blabbering, now tell me how it works ?

The principle behind internet is networking. Network – as we know, the interconnected system of things or people. Like a network of computers.

So the internet is generally global system of interconnected computer networks. Yes it is the biggest network of computers on earth. All the computers connected to the internet are actually connected to each other through the Internet Service Providers (ISPs) which in turn are connected to the bigger routers or the backbone of the internet. This backbone is a computer network of commercial organisations, government organisations, military, academics etc. The backbone is a large server where the data is exchanged or transferred through. These backbones are connected to each other through fiber optical cables. The ISPs are connected to these backbones through fiber optic cables in order to minimize the transmission loss. Then the users are connected to ISPs through cables or wireless routers. There is an authority called The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) which coordinates the assignment of unique identifiers on the Internet, like the IP Addresses and the Domain Name so that you can analyze what is being done from where to conserve the security throughout. So this is how your internet works.

If it is just a network then why is it not free ?

This is the first question that flicks one mind. Well if the internet is just a network of computers then isn’t it free ? Even I wonder that but the thing is the backbones are very high end servers that might require heavy maintenance and the under sea cables and fibers that might need regular maintenance. So for maintaining the backbones and the connections they require good volume of currency which might be charged by the ISPs. Even the ISPs have their instruments to be maintained so they charge the end user. That’s it! Maybe on earth a day will come when you might get internet for free, as of now we need to pay.

Have a nice day :)