MS DOS Tutorials – Learn MS DOS with an ease

MS DOS (Microsoft Disk Operating System) – DOS Prompt, Command Prompt or just simply Prompt is the basis to start learning about computers. DOS is a CUI (character user interface) where you need to work with commands using your keyboard unlike your Windows which us GUI (graphical user interface) where you have the mouse support. So basically working with DOS is just like working with commands. DOS seems to be so outdated bus there are still many things that DOS features or DOS can do which you can do from inside the windows. For instance your all time favorite CON Folder tutorial is done using MS DOS. If you have missed out that CON folder tutorial you can check it here. They are many commands you can start with but since everyone like the customization part a lot so we thought of starting with customization you command prompt Window and them we may see what all we can do later on

The commands you need to memorize are like

command [ -options ]

command filename [ -options ]

command filename1 filename2 [ -options ]

The options part is optional where as the other 2 parts are required once. We will check the differences later.

Now lets start using it but before doing it lets us know how to open your Dos prompt, well below is one of the easiest way you can go to the Dos prompt whereas they are several ways you can go through with if you like

Go to START -> Click RUN ->

Type command or cmd and press Enter

The below over information in green can be avoided
We write command for opening dos in older versions of operating systems and cmd for new versions but its better you make an habit to use cmd because it works in every version, cmd works for latest versions of Windows those were released after 2001 i.e., windows 2003 or XP etc.

How to use title command ?

This command changes the title for the current prompt Window. To change the title as techytuts
simply write in and press enter (yes every command follows and enter key, so we dont need to remind you)


Note: In Mircosoft DOS the command case is sensitive

How to change the font color and background color ?

In the previous tutorial how to change color in Dos prompt we studied how to change the font color if you missed that tutorial click on this link Changing Font color in Dos
Here in this tutorial we are going to show you how to change the background color too

color [background] [foreground or font color]

For example if you want to change the background as bright yellow and font as black which is my favorite write in

color e0

( E is the code for yellow and 0 is the code for black) Some of my favorite color combinations are

04, B9, f0, f4, f2, 0d

Enjoy this session and stick with us there is a lot more to come from techytuts. Dont forget to subscribe to our RSS Feeds by Email to know when we publish

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