MS DOS Tutorials – How to Create, Append and View Files and Move Files and Directory

This tutorial is a third part of our sequel of tutorials MS DOS Tutorials – Learn MS DOS with an ease

So here we are, and today we are going to work with files in MS DOS. We are going to see how we can create files, view them and also how to move files and directories (just like your windows cut and paste commands )

How to Create, Append and View Files

How to create a file and write some data to it ?

echo your desired text > file_name

echo hello and welcome > file.txt

The above statement will write the part in bold to the file file_name

How to add text in a file later ?

In case of adding text to the same file at the end or in other words appending the same file, use the greater than symbol twice times like below

echo should be here >> file_name

echo its a pleasure that you read this blog >> file.txt

How to view a text file ?

Viewing a file’s content is very simple in MS DOS. All you need to do is write type followed by file_name

type file_name

To view the data inside a text file name file.txt below is an example

type file.txt

Some of the above tricks can be also used in Unix

How to Move Files and Directories

How to move a file?

move filename path

Now suppose you have a file named sam and got a sub directory inside the same folder as man, now for moving the file sam inside the folder man the command used should be as follows

move sam \man

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