Learn PHP in 7 Days

After my prolonged exams I have though to write something really productive for you all. All day long I was thinking what should be the topic that I should hit it with. At first I thought to go with HTML or CSS. But these languages are quite easier to learn. SO I though we will be going with PHP, its because I like challenges.

PHP is a great language to learn, specially for web developers. And this week through I am going to write a series of tutorials to make sure you learn the basic concepts of PHP in 7 days. Don’t afford to miss these click here to subscribe to our RSS feeds at least for the next 7 days to get your daily dose of PHP or else you can catch back on this blog everyday.

The tutorials will be starting tomorrow so once again I remind you, don’t forget to subscribe to our RSS feeds

Day #1 – PHP Syntax, Variables, Echo Statement

Day #2 – Using Operators in PHP

Day #3 – Using Comments in PHP

Day #4 – Using Conditional Statements in PHP

Day #5 – Using Loops in PHP

Day #6 –Including Files in PHP

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