Its time to Upgrade your WordPress Again – How to Upgrade from WordPress 2.6.2 to WordPress 2.6.3

As my opened my blog’s dashboard today, the first thing that I noticed was please upgrade your wordpress package.

Well I knew WordPress 2.7 was to be released in November. But never expected 2.6.3 to be out. And this may be the last time I am upgrading wordpress as WordPress 2.7 is to be incorporated with an auto upgrade feature. Cool !

So coming back to 2.6.3, the upgrade 2.6.3 was necessary as recently there was a critical vulnerability announced in the Snoopy Library. And our wordpress uses the same to get feeds in the dashboard. This is a simple upgrade and I wont recommend you to download the complete 1.2 MB package and upload it to your server and go throught the upgrade process if you are already running WordPress 2.6.2. Basically only 2 files needs to be replaced here in case of upgrade from WordPress 2.6.2 to.Wordpress 2.6.3 which are

  1. wp-includes/class-snoopy.php
  2. wp-includes/version.php

Download the zip file which contains both the upgraded file.

Unzip it

(If you dont have any compression utility your Windows XP already supports zip files. You can view a tutorial on using zip files here)

Upload both the files  to your wp-includes directory.

Make sure the files are overwritten… Happy blogging and our special thanks to for the 2 files

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