How to create a Store on Facebook

Looking at the pace its growing, I believe that in years to come we will be using Facebook not just for social networking but as the biggest marketplace to buy and sell stuff online. In this tutorial we are looking up a way on How to create a Store on Facebook using an application called Payvment.

How to create a Store on Facebook


It simply takes 15 mins to create your branded store on Facebook using this app and the best part is that its free.


  1. You should have a paypal account, either personal and business in order to receive payments.
  2. Create an account with Pavment on their website here
  3. Then to set up the store, simply go the application page and follow the directions outlined.


  • Options and Customization (such as different sizes, colors)
  • Featured Product – Ability to display a special product on the main page
  • Multiple Categories – You can create multiple categories of products
  • Sales tracking

Storefront social

Storefront Social is another great store application that has a variety of features to help you make the most out of your Social Media store on Facebook. Storefront Social allows you to create an easily searchable online store for your Facebook customers. Storefront Social provides you amenities like preconfigured Social Share buttons that allow users to quickly showcase and share a specific product thus helping you spread your products on the social world. Apart from that, if you have several products on your store, adding a category to them will help keep them well organized on your storefront. They also have a search feature that helps some storefronts on Facebook that they would like to keep their searchable.