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How to convert your twitter followers into money

Most of the bloggers usually start their blogs to earn money. But, think of it as there are much more people then Bloggers who specialize in something. One such thing is Social networking. As the web have evolved, there are a lot of chances to earn money than just Blogging or web designing. One of then is that if you are a Twitter user with huge list of followers then see how to convert your twitter followers into money.

Social media services are not the wastage of time anymore with these services. Next big thing for earning money online is Social media.

Way to convert your twitter followers into money

Twitter has evolved much faster than any other Social media service. And that’s all because the users are increasing day by day. Sometimes choosing upi a way to earn money is harder than focusing in what you master. You can do this very easily by using a service called Sponsored Tweets. The Sponsored tweets service is very useful for Twitter users as you can simply earn $1-100 per tweet when you are using up your time online. Think of it as huge money as you can earn money as well those tweets would not be a waste.

The tweets that you use up by the Sponsored tweets will be containing the #sponsored hashtag for others to differentiate which one are yours and which are paid. Unlike any other Ad services which pay you per click; The sponsored tweets allow payment through Paypal only to tweet (No clicks needed). You can have the payout amount of about $50(minimum) through the sponsored tweets. Even when you sign up for the Service, you will be shown the rate for per tweet (According to your followers of course). So, have fun and sign up today.

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