How to Backup and Synchronize your WordPress Blog

This tutorial is based on the assumption that you already know the basics of WordPress and FTP. If you need any kind of help with the tutorial, fell free to as me a question below in the comments
wp-backup-cds2I don’t trust web hosts. Yes I mean it I don’t trust any web hosts. I am not saying that web hosts aren’t reliable but when it comes for backup, I don’t trust any web host. No Godaddy, no media temple, no hostgator. First of all I don’t like hosting at godaddy and hostgator either. They have are far too many clients than they can tackle. The best host that I feel to host a wordpress blog is Wpwebhost and I have all my websites and wordpress blogs hosted there. They are the best hosting service for a budget price that I have found so far.

When it comes to backup, thought my host provides me regular backup like most of the pout there, but I still backup my blogs on my own and sync them up to date. I feel this very convenient to keep all my blogs synchronized on my local computer. It makes me feel secure to have everything updated on my local PC. So basically I keep my local backup by, synching my blogs after every 2-3 posts. The main reason for doing this is I don’t have to download those large big backup files generated by the server.

Things to have in your Inventory

Before starting up, these are the things that you may require

Firefox 3.0 – Yeah you need this if you don’t have

FireFTP – So you have firefox like everyone does huh! Grab this extension that we need to synchronize all the image files

WP-DB-Backup – This plugin will help you get the fresh copy of your updated wordpress database

Lets get started – How to backup the Database

We’ll start off with the downloading the database as this is a one step method, next we’ll move on to synchronizing files. Activate the downloaded plugin. Click on DB backups in the sidebar under the posts.


You get to see something like this, Select all the tables that you want to add in the database and click on backup button


You will now get a link to your backup file. The backup is created somewhere in wp-contents folder. Simply download that file. You now have the backup of your database.


The next big thing – How to backup and sync files

This is what is somewhat lengthy process but easier though.Let us first create a new folder where we will be saving/synchronizing the blog. Now keep ot ready and open the Firebug Extension from the Tools menu in your browser. Connect to your website using FTP and navigate to the /wp-contents/uploads/ folder of your blog. Do the same with the local folders, I mean to say navigate to the /wp-content/uploads/ folder in your local sync directory.


Click on the image to enlarge it

Now click on the Tools button and click sync directories and subdirectories menu.


You will see some FTP activity going on in hte log and then you may see a dialog box like this.


Click on the Download button and then click on the Sync button. You will see some files get downloaded and that’s it, you get both the directory synched up to date.

This is what I do with all my blogs. Got a better idea? Please write below…

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