How Does HTC Stack Up?

The High Tech Computer Corporation, now known as HTC, is a competitor in the mobile phone industry and really entered the market competitively for phones using the HTC name in 2006. Even though they’ve only been active for the past 5 years they currently have phones available with multiple cell phone carriers including Sprint, Verizon, AT&T, and T-Mobile to offer services to multiple markets.

A large reason that HTC is so successful in the cell phone market is that they harness the technologies that consumers want, beginning with a touchscreen for navigation through the phone and used it as its primary focus. They have also evolved to answer to what the market wants, including introducing larger screens, thin phones, and of course, a mobile operating system such as Android or Windows Phone 7. These possess the ability to download applications and harness connectivity to bring web browsing and social networking as a focus for the smartphone market.

They bring personality and customization to their devices with a graphical user interface they’ve coined “HTC sense,” which gives users both a user experience and TouchFLO 3D design. It adds certain features to the phone including its own music and video application and manages social networks through its combination of applications. It also includes its own selection of widgets such as HTC likes, footprints, friend stream and easily accessible settings to adjust 3G, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or data connectivity. The Sense interface was introduced as 1.0 and the latest versions of it include 3.0 or 3.5, depending on whether the device is a phone or tablet.

The primary drawback that HTC has when compared to other mobile phones is lack of variety. Most of their phones look the same and, unless you purchase a snazzy case or skin, you may not be able to select which phone is yours in a crowd of people. Whether selecting an HTC Android phone or one running an alternate operating system with the HTC interface, you’ll be able to do everything you expect on a phone and then some.