Handling Traffic With Custom 404 Error Pages

For newbies out there 404 Error Page is the page that is returned when no page at a specific URL does not exists. Hence customizing the 404 Error Page can put a great effect in convincing visitors to stay on your website.

So lets start how to deal with the 404 Errors and creating custom 404 page for your website


Setting Up a 404 Page

To set up a 404 page, only 2 things need to be done

  • Modifying the .htaccess file

Elaborating on this step all you need to do is create a file (incase you dont have it already in you root directory) and name it as “.htaccess” meaning that there is no filename and the extension is htaccess. Now write this in the file and upload it in your root directory

ErrorDocument 404 /notfound.html

  • Creating an html Error Page

Coming to the html part now create a html document, its not limited to html document you can create a php document too ad make sure it resides in your root directory with the name as given in the .htaccess document. For instance we took the name notfound.html so you need to make sure a file named notfound.html exists in your root directory.

Thats all… now you have set up now have a try and you should see that you are being redirected to the error page on 404 error.

Well I’m feeling quite sleepy today will write out more about this topic tomorrow. Sure to come… Some Cool 404 Pages, Custom 404 Pages for WordPress Powered Blogs ad the most prominent of all Monetizing 404 Pages

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