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Affiliate Marketing: The best way to make money

It’s time to make some cool cash from affiliate marketing.

We all know that the easiest way to make money online is through promoting other people’s product. You can promote software, valuable reports & e-books and membership sites.

To sweeten the deal, the new form of making extra income easily is by recommending coupon discounts to your audience in order to motivate them.

But how do you get started with coupon discount offers?

Groupon for instance is a great portal where you can find viable hot discounts for several household products.

Fortunately, you don’t have to go extra mile to research coupon deals, your primary subscription services are involved in this marketing system.

I’ve used this strategy in my coupon blog where parallels coupon codes and raxco coupon discounts are reviewed.

Research Your Market

The first step to promote hot deals as an affiliate is to research your market. A market consists of a group of people sharing the same or similar needs and wants. These people have the same purchasing peak and they need helpful solutions to become better.

To research your market, start with discussion boards and read what others have posted. The words people use when making sentences and giving speech indicates what they’ve within and the problem they face.

Market research is paramount to your success as a coupon affiliate publisher. It’s going to form the foundation of your product creation and determines how successful you become.

Find The Right Coupon Offer

What’s the most important issue in your prospect’s life? Have you been able to determine what they actually want?

If you conducted market study effectively, I’m sure you would be well acquainted right now on the right product to sell. Is your audience looking for coupon codes to make purchases or to qualify for a rebate program?

When you deliver the wrong product, they won’t take any action and that’s the beginning of failure.

Don’t be like those who blindly recommend any product and wonder why they’re not making sales. No one is going to invest money on a product he doesn’t need. It’s the sick that needs the physician – think right and act like that.

Drive Traffic To Your Coupon Offer

The final stage to make money with coupon affiliate program is to send the right traffic to your landing page. Your landing page can be anything from squeeze page, product review or press release. The aim is to engage the reader, interest them in the product and show them the real benefit of taking action now.

The best advice I give to people who wants to make money with affiliate offer is to first capture email address. Thereafter, you can start building relationship with your prospects, get them to know and trust you before selling to them.

It’s definitely not for desperate marketers, but relationship marketing is the best marketing strategy ever.

Marketing Takeaway

Does it matter what niche you’re into right now? These tips above can work for anyone regardless of what you share. In as much as there is an affiliate product to sell and a need for the product you’re promoting, you’ll surely make extra money from it.

Go for it this moment. Get to understand how coupon affiliate programs work and give it a shot. See you ahead!


Make Money

5 Ways you can lose your money quickly

Never play with money. This is what I learn today. Though I suffered losses up to $75 but still I regret. I would have easily bought my favorite hoodie for the same price if I never tried this one.

Forex! Yes where everyone try their luck. I tried it too. But my greed made me try it again and again, until the losses incurred were $75. And now I have got nothing but to repent. Anyways leaving it moving ahead as I consider “money is dirt” so I will not cry for it however.


On top of my list is forex because I lost my money in it. There are many people like me who don’t have any experience in trading and dream to make a living on forex. I strictly warn you, never try this if you have no experience. You may profit some dollars but most of the time this leads to losses. Moreover there are many brokers who are scammers. In fact there are many scammers than the honest brokers in the market, so be warned. Hence I wont recommend forex to anyone.

Lesson learned: If you have no experience, don’t try it.

Stocks / Mutual Funds

Well there is some chance of profit in stocks but still if you are the one like me who never sees or hears world news then this is a waste too. And then since stocks is much similar to forex. You never know which company will rise and which will fall. So stock comes on number 2 on my list. The scam in term of stock is less compared to forex however, you need a good investment to risk up in the stock market.

Lesson Learned: If you have no experience, don’t try it.



This is the latest trend these days. Everyone likes to be a successful entrepreneur. Its a good thing to be an entrepreneur in things that you are experienced in. Or else you can only see heavy losses on your side. A good example is wpdesigner. I don’t even want to give a backlink to it too. Wpdesigner was a blog related to WordPress resources. The blog was sold for $65,000 by Small Potato (the guy who ran that blog), due to some financial problems. And now the home page of the same blog is a web hosting affiliate landing page. The guy aka the new owner (so called entrepreneur) ruined both his money and the blog.

Lesson learned: Save your money and don’t spend on useless investments

Vanity at Work

Since I am a freelancer I would give you another example of mine. A month ago I was almost completely without any work. That was not because there was 0 work for outsourcing. It was because the employers were paying less due to recession. I know I am good at what I do and when I provide quality in my work I expect the same in payment. But friends when a time is called as recession, try to do the work even if you get some less amount then the usual. For over a month I was work less and now even after building some reputation I do the same work that I used to at 70% cheaper rate.  At least something is better that nothing. So never show vanity at your work.

Lesson learned: Pride at work = 0 additional income

Improper Research and Hurry

This is more to deal with our daily lives than the business. We tend to buy any thing that looks good without any research. If not you, even this happens to me most of the time. I buy thing online, and the very next moment I find the same thing at a cheaper rate on the next website. Another thing, this is most related to gadgets and such items, it is advisable to wait and buy a product rather than buying it new. Most of the things in the market are costly when launched but you see a steady decline in its price in the very next month. So if the thing is not very required then why not wait for 2-3 months and take it at a better price ?

Lesson learned: Do a good research before buying costly and new things.

Make Money

10 Killer Reasons Why Your Blogs don’t Make Good Money (+2 more)

You have a good amount of traffic on your blog. But the monetization thing doesn’t seems to work. Your blog’s Click Through Rare is less than 0.10% or you don’t have leads. Most of the bloggers want to earn at least a small part of their living from their blogs. If your blog is the one among those which generate very little revenue, you one or more of the following may be a reason

    • Money is in your eyes – You don’t blog to share knowledge or create an identity, rather your primary reason for blogging is to earn money. If this is what running in your mind trust me you won’t be earning any good money
    • Your traffic is social media – You have 80% of the traffic that is from social media websites like StumbleUpon and Digg. I say you StumbleUpon traffic is the worst. The only thing it helps is in lowering your Alexa Rank. Traffic from Google, Yahoo and tends to work well.
    • Your bounce rate is high – Your blog has a bounce rate that is over 75%. This is mostly due to social media traffic. I say you again, traffic from social media websites is useless until they don’t stay on your blog.
    • Quality of Articles – The quality of articles that you write on your blog are not effective enough to keep people on your blog. This can be either language related errors or simple the article is not good enough
    • You blog once in a while – You rarely write posts on your blog. I have noticed a serious decline in subscribers if you I don’t blog frequently. I recommend one to write at least 3 posts in a week excluding posts related to link roundups.
    • Paid Reviews – Seriously no one likes to read useless paid reviews on your blog. This is a grave mistake that bloggers do. Paid reviews are good when you blog is popular enough to get you paid much. Then people won’t mind reading a paid review.


  • RSS Subscribers is NOT the key – Your traffic is mostly RSS Subscriber that read your blog in RSS Feeds. RSS Feeds are good but to have a good CTR you need to get your RSS Subscribers back to your blog for reading. Writing striking titles and showing only half of the posts excerpts may work or may have negative aspects too.
  • Unfit Design – your blog doesn’t look appealing making most of the visitors run away. Choose a theme that supports your niche and has decorous white space. Some people (like me) don’t like blogs cluttered with content.
  • Monetize it wisely – Study your traffic and Choose wisely how you should monetize your blog. Should it be CPA or CPC or simple monthly rented banners. Keep experimenting until you find the best way to monetize.
  • Over Monetization – Whoa! You don’t have ads between content, rather you have content in between ads. Remove some ads, clean your website and add some content. People  visit blogs to read content, nor to look at ads.
  • Geeky Traffic – Blogs targeting visitors like webmasters and techies get low clicks. This is mainly because webmasters are ads blinded and techies use extensions that block ads.
  • You don’t sell juice – Almost every blogger sells juice to generate a decent revenue. I hope you understand what juice is. If you don’t then you are losing almost 25% of your website’s revenue. Click Here to Start Selling Juice
Make Money

Got Nothing to do? Why not Earn some Money with your Daily Activities ?

This is my first post on making money online. So we wont do any complex discussions rather than I will show you 2 easy and good ways to make some money that you might be already doing. So without wasting your time, I’ll go ahead and show you how you can earn some money with your daily activities…

MyLot – Get paid to Express

If you want to earn as well as entertain then Mylot is one of the best ways to make some quick money. These are like discussion forums but at MyLot you get paid for doing every action like posting a topic, writing a reply, uploading images etc etc.. All you need to do is sign up, activate your account and start posting. They pay you monthly by PAYPAL if you accumulate more than 10$. Start earning now…

Homepages Friends

Searching the web is a part of everyone internet surfers daily routing. Well if you get paid for that ? That would be the best cheese on your bread wouldn’t it be? And that’s what homepages friends does. You get paid to search. And the search engine is no other than the popular one Yahoo! So basically if you migrate and search yahoo using this you can earn even up to 100$ a month easily. At an approx you get about 0.014 $ per search. So that means based on the number of searches you do you can earn much.. My estimated earnings in month are

0.014$ x 30 searches a day x 30 days = 12.6$

They pay you monthly via paypal once you get the 20 GBP (I dont know to make pound symbol on my US keyboard).. Now go ahead and pay you bills using myhpf…

So as promised I showed you 2 good ways to earn money that probably are you daily activities…

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