Reverse Phone Lookup Online

Today, we have an incredible system accessible, that gives us chance to find people by their phone number. This is an excellent service for those people who often fall victims of prank callers. Reverse phone lookup sites, similar to, and are ample and free of cost for tracing landline phone numbers. But these reverse phone lookup services aren’t free for cell phone numbers. In fact, the whole construct of reverse phone number lookup changes when phones are switched to mobile.

Like landline numbers, cell phone numbers are brought out by individual mobile phone companies instead by an interlocking scheme of regional phone companies. This makes cell phone numbers and associated user information harder to access and turn into a searchable online database. At the same time, many users honor their own privacy and they don’t want just everyone to be able to reach or contact them on their cell phones.

One of the largest provider for Reverse Phone Lookup is Intelius Inc. Intelius named its lookup service as “Cell Phone Caller ID” and provides available information for each number that may include name and address, VoIP (voice over Internet protocol) and business numbers for the requested user.

How to make Reverse Phone Lookup Online

Today I will show you a service called RealphoneLookup using which you can trace Landlines, Cellphones, Unlisted Numbers, Business Numbers & Owners Address for a small fee. Isn’t this great ? Lets check out. Simply go to RealphoneLookup and make your search. After a while you should see a search result like the one below

You can also get complete details including name and full address by clicking on the Get Full Results button.



The Internet – Misconceptions Explained

The Internet – Yes everyone of us are familiar with the internet, but when I speak with people, most of the people have a big misconception about internet and how it works. People take the creation of internet for granted but one thing that tickles thier brains is when they are asked how actually internet works ? Where are the files saved ? Where do you get the files from ?

Stop blabbering, now tell me how it works ?

The principle behind internet is networking. Network – as we know, the interconnected system of things or people. Like a network of computers.

So the internet is generally global system of interconnected computer networks. Yes it is the biggest network of computers on earth. All the computers connected to the internet are actually connected to each other through the Internet Service Providers (ISPs) which in turn are connected to the bigger routers or the backbone of the internet. This backbone is a computer network of commercial organisations, government organisations, military, academics etc. The backbone is a large server where the data is exchanged or transferred through. These backbones are connected to each other through fiber optical cables. The ISPs are connected to these backbones through fiber optic cables in order to minimize the transmission loss. Then the users are connected to ISPs through cables or wireless routers. There is an authority called The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) which coordinates the assignment of unique identifiers on the Internet, like the IP Addresses and the Domain Name so that you can analyze what is being done from where to conserve the security throughout. So this is how your internet works.

If it is just a network then why is it not free ?

This is the first question that flicks one mind. Well if the internet is just a network of computers then isn’t it free ? Even I wonder that but the thing is the backbones are very high end servers that might require heavy maintenance and the under sea cables and fibers that might need regular maintenance. So for maintaining the backbones and the connections they require good volume of currency which might be charged by the ISPs. Even the ISPs have their instruments to be maintained so they charge the end user. That’s it! Maybe on earth a day will come when you might get internet for free, as of now we need to pay.

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