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10 Killer Reasons Why Your Blogs don’t Make Good Money (+2 more)

You have a good amount of traffic on your blog. But the monetization thing doesn’t seems to work. Your blog’s Click Through Rare is less than 0.10% or you don’t have leads. Most of the bloggers want to earn at least a small part of their living from their blogs. If your blog is the one among those which generate very little revenue, you one or more of the following may be a reason

    • Money is in your eyes – You don’t blog to share knowledge or create an identity, rather your primary reason for blogging is to earn money. If this is what running in your mind trust me you won’t be earning any good money
    • Your traffic is social media – You have 80% of the traffic that is from social media websites like StumbleUpon and Digg. I say you StumbleUpon traffic is the worst. The only thing it helps is in lowering your Alexa Rank. Traffic from Google, Yahoo and tends to work well.
    • Your bounce rate is high – Your blog has a bounce rate that is over 75%. This is mostly due to social media traffic. I say you again, traffic from social media websites is useless until they don’t stay on your blog.
    • Quality of Articles – The quality of articles that you write on your blog are not effective enough to keep people on your blog. This can be either language related errors or simple the article is not good enough
    • You blog once in a while – You rarely write posts on your blog. I have noticed a serious decline in subscribers if you I don’t blog frequently. I recommend one to write at least 3 posts in a week excluding posts related to link roundups.
    • Paid Reviews – Seriously no one likes to read useless paid reviews on your blog. This is a grave mistake that bloggers do. Paid reviews are good when you blog is popular enough to get you paid much. Then people won’t mind reading a paid review.


  • RSS Subscribers is NOT the key – Your traffic is mostly RSS Subscriber that read your blog in RSS Feeds. RSS Feeds are good but to have a good CTR you need to get your RSS Subscribers back to your blog for reading. Writing striking titles and showing only half of the posts excerpts may work or may have negative aspects too.
  • Unfit Design – your blog doesn’t look appealing making most of the visitors run away. Choose a theme that supports your niche and has decorous white space. Some people (like me) don’t like blogs cluttered with content.
  • Monetize it wisely – Study your traffic and Choose wisely how you should monetize your blog. Should it be CPA or CPC or simple monthly rented banners. Keep experimenting until you find the best way to monetize.
  • Over Monetization – Whoa! You don’t have ads between content, rather you have content in between ads. Remove some ads, clean your website and add some content. People  visit blogs to read content, nor to look at ads.
  • Geeky Traffic – Blogs targeting visitors like webmasters and techies get low clicks. This is mainly because webmasters are ads blinded and techies use extensions that block ads.
  • You don’t sell juice – Almost every blogger sells juice to generate a decent revenue. I hope you understand what juice is. If you don’t then you are losing almost 25% of your website’s revenue. Click Here to Start Selling Juice